Our Story

We exist to help humans experience more moments of brilliance.

We are a food innovation company leveraging space science to improve human health.

Our team of Michelin star chefs, aerospace engineers, doctors, astronauts, and nutritionists are working together to define the future of functional food.

No more trade offs between taste and nutrition—Astreas delivers micronutrient dense brain food, powered by space science.

Astreas is created by

Mission:Space Food
Shahreen Reza

Shahreen Reza, CEO

Serial entrepreneur.
Ex-Palantir Deputy Head of Global Business.

Graham Greene

Graham Greene, CPO

7+ years in Michelin star restaurants.
The Culinary Institute of America Graduate.

Ewout Ruitenberg

Ewout Ruitenberg, CFO

30+ years industry experience in CPG.
Former Head of Finance in Europe for Nestle Health Science.

Brilliance in a bite
Get the most out of your food

Astreas is a neuroenhancer and multivitamin that takes the form of a delicious chocolate truffle. We're using data-driven nutrition to optimize the mind and body. Our products were created to meet the needs of astronauts, whose cognitive and physical fitness is vital to their mission. By meeting their needs, to begin with, we can ensure that Astreas has everything you need to operate at your highest efficiency here on Earth.