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Fuel your exploration with Astreas Ultra

Premium Taste.

Engineered for Astronauts, Perfected for Elite Performers Everywhere.
Nutrient Packed. Brain Fuel. Clean ingredients. Ethically sourced. No artificial flavors or colors added.
63% Dark Chocolate
Rich premium chocolate in every bite

Vitamin D3 & K2
Strenghtens bones and maintains calcium homeostasis

Folic Acid & Vitamin B6 & B12
Protects cognitive function & prevents dementia

Provides a sense of calming

Stronger than 1 cup of coffee and 1 cup of tea

Lion's mane mushroom
Simulates neurogenesis

Improves memory & focus

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Winners of the NASA Deep Space Food Challenge Competition.
Astreas is part of Mission: Space Food, combining Space & Food Science Technology to Fuel Cosmic Exploration

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  • Get a Supercharge of energy
  • A hit of caffeine without the jitters
  • Improves memory and focus
  • Boosts your immunity
  • Free quotes available within 24 business hours
  • Usually ships within a week
  • Meticulously crafted on request for maximum freshness

Customer Reviews

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Astreas’ truffle study with surgeons on performance enhancement.
Here is what surgeons are saying about their experience.

"Ate at midnight when I had to go in for emergency surgery. Didn’t need coffee and stayed alert and focused."
- Ian D.

“I was post a 24 hour call today...I still had energy to be present with my kids after the truffle, despite lack of sleep.”
- Christy L.

"Energized immediately after and kept me going for several hours."
- Trevy R.

"Each day my focus is better."
- Jayne P.

"Seemed to push me through regardless of sleep."
- Mariah B.

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