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Astreas Kumquat (4 boxes)
Astreas Kumquat (4 boxes)
Astreas Kumquat (4 boxes)
Astreas Kumquat (4 boxes)

Astreas Kumquat (4 boxes)

Astreas is an enhanced truffle, designed to satisfy your cravings and your nutritional needs simultaneously. Each serving provides your recommended daily intake of the key micronutrients your body needs to thrive. 

Each box comes with 5 spheres and you get four boxes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marcelo Bizantino
Amazing product

I love this product. I feel more focus and productive on my meetings and it taste really great, is chocolate!
(Of course)!. I incorporated this product in my daily routine.

Ryan Miller
Luxurious satisfaction!

When I first tried Astreas, I felt a mixture of delight and satisfaction from beginning to end. It has a luxurious taste and becomes creamy but still crunchy at the same time.

Noah Ahmadi
Got rid of my mental fog

One of the coolest things about eating an Astreas is feeling your mental fog dissipate shortly after consuming it.

Aaron Wallace Jr.
Incredible Product!

Astreas is an incredible product that I was sad to run out of. It really was everything you described.

Amanda Calabrese
Morning joy!

Eating Astreas in the morning is an easy and small investment I can make in myself to care for my mind and my body.

Winners of the NASA Deep Space Food Challenge

Astreas is part of Mission: Space Food, combining Space & Food Science Technology to Fuel Cosmic Exploration

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Astronaut Approved

Our Grand Master Chocolatier crafted Astreas to appeal to all senses. Eating a pill is a chore. Astreas is an experience.

A performance chocolate truffle that delivers functional food in the most pleasurable form


Scientifically formulated for body health and immunity


Delivered in a form of a luxurious functional truffle


A boost of energy and mental clarity

We strive for sustainability in every part of our business. From our ethically sourced ingredients to our biodegradable packaging, it’s key to who we are.