A bite to excite all senses

The new age of nutrition means taking your supplements in the form of expertly crafted dark chocolates.

Combining nutrition designed for astronauts and flavors created by Michelin star chefs, Astreas is a neuroenhancer and multivitamin that takes the form of a delicious chocolate truffle.

Nutrient rich

Our physicians have worked closely to perfect a bite that supercharges your mind and nourishes your body, before you’ve even left the house. Each serving is fortified with a complete multivitamin, Lion's Mane mushroom and Citicoline. Our goal is simple - we're taking the guesswork out of your daily routine and making it a delicious ritual.

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Astreas is an enhanced truffle, designed to satisfy your cravings and your nutritional needs simultaneously. Each serving provides 100% of your recommended daily intake of the key micronutrients your body needs to thrive. 

Our expert chef and nutritionists crafted Astreas with astronauts in mind - so you can be sure to see health benefits that are out of this world.  

Each box comes with 5 spheres.

What people are saying


"Eating Astreas in the morning is an easy and small investment I can make in myself to care for my mind and my body."

Amanda Calabrese, Sequel startup
– Amanda Calabrese,

Co-Founder of Sequel, Women's Health Startup


"Astreas is an incredible product that I was sad to run out of. It really was everything you described."

Aaron Wallace Jr. Tennessee Titans
– Aaron Wallace Jr.

Former Tennessee Titans Player


"When I first tried Astreas, I felt a mixture of delight and satisfaction from beginning to end. It has a luxurious taste and becomes creamy but still crunchy at the same time."

Dr. Gregory Chamitoff, NASA astronaut
– Dr. Gregory Chamitoff

Former NASA Astronaut


"One of the coolest things about eating an Astreas is feeling your mental fog dissipate shortly after consuming it."

Noah Ahamdi, data scientist
– Noah Ahmadi

Data Scientist and Avid Gamer

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The limits
are endless

for this chocolate bite.