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A new source of high-quality nutrition blended with the finest dark chocolate to fuel your exploration.

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Why do people take Astreas?

Astreas helps balance the imbalances of modern life.


A blend of nutrients designed to address the imbalances of modern life.

Astreas enhances the brain power.


Nootropics to stimulate the production of new brain cells and strengthen existing ones.

Astreas tastes like nothing in this world.


A luxurious truffle made with 63% dark chocolate and a macadamia nut core.

What people are saying


"Eating Astreas in the morning is an easy and small investment I can make in myself to care for my mind and my body."

Amanda Calabrese, Sequel startup
– Amanda Calabrese,

Co-Founder of Sequel, Women's Health Startup


"Astreas is an incredible product that I was sad to run out of. It really was everything you described."

Aaron Wallace Jr. Tennessee Titans
– Aaron Wallace Jr.

Former Tennessee Titans Player


"When I first tried Astreas, I felt a mixture of delight and satisfaction from beginning to end. It has a luxurious taste and becomes creamy but still crunchy at the same time."

Dr. Gregory Chamitoff, NASA astronaut
– Dr. Gregory Chamitoff

Former NASA Astronaut


"One of the coolest things about eating an Astreas is feeling your mental fog dissipate shortly after consuming it."

Noah Ahamdi, data scientist
– Noah Ahmadi

Data Scientist and Avid Gamer


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Our first product, Astreas, takes food that is out of this world and brings it down to Earth.

A luxurious truffle that tastes of divine decadence, but packs a punch in nutritious fortification and brain food, Astreas provides 100% RDA of key micronutrients in a single serving.

Combining nutrition designed for astronauts and flavors created by Michelin star chefs, Astreas is a neuroenhancer and multivitamin that takes the form of a delicious chocolate truffle, packed with Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin K2, Folic Acid, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, and Citicoline.

Each box comes with 5 spheres.

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